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Technical Writing and Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is huge in the technology world right now. Most experts predict that it’s only going to increase in market share. In this article, I’ll look at cloud technology from the perspective of technical writers and what technical writers need to know in order to work in and with the cloud.

Technical Writer vs Documentation Consultant

Lots of companies hire a technical writer when they need a documentation consultant. The results are often a stressed tech writer, a dissatisfied customer base, and a vague feeling that there must be a better way.

What Can Technical Writers Learn from UX Experts?

I’ve attended technical writers’ meetings that were focused on new forms of documentation, new methodologies, how to push the documentation agenda for a piece of software, how to get people to read the user manuals… there’s a lot of focus on good documentation, which is great! Except… there usually isn’t much focus on useful documentation.