Technical Writer vs Documentation Consultant

Lots of companies hire a technical writer when they need a documentation consultant. The results are often a stressed tech writer, a dissatisfied customer base, and a vague feeling that there must be a better way.

Creating Manuals Using RST and Sphinx: Directory Structure

The source directory structure that you choose will end up embedded in a lot of documents. That includes configuration files and every single internal hyperlink created. It’s possible to go back through and change things later, but it’s also a pain in the neck.

What Can Technical Writers Learn from UX Experts?

I’ve attended technical writers’ meetings that were focused on new forms of documentation, new methodologies, how to push the documentation agenda for a piece of software, how to get people to read the user manuals… there’s a lot of focus on good documentation, which is great! Except… there usually isn’t much focus on useful documentation.

Creating Manuals Using RST and Sphinx: Planning

We can use Sphinx and RST together to minimise ongoing maintenance time and costs. Here are a few of the things to plan before putting your documentation project together.

How to Create a Great Video Tutorial

You’ve decided to add video tutorials to your documentation suite. Next step: learning how to do them well. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot on specialists, but there are some important points to think about before you jump in.

Creating Manuals Using RST and Sphinx: Installation

This is the first post in a series that will explore using RST and Sphinx to create technical documentation.

What is Docs Like Code?

It’s variously known as ‘docs like code’, ‘documentation as code’ and ‘docs as code’, but the basic ideas stay the same: treating documentation just like you’d treat your programming code.

Agile Development? Agile Documentation

The software industry has largely moved to Agile methodologies over the last decade. However, many businesses often struggle to deliver documentation using the same agile methodology that works so well for their code. Let’s delve into a few of the reasons for this.

Video Tutorials as Documentation

When you think about documentation, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of paper – user manuals that can be leafed through, skimmed over, and gather pretty piles of dust. But that’s ignoring a large percentage of the population who learn better from videos than printed or on-screen words.