5 Signs That Your Doco is Kick-Arse

A woman dressed in leggings, crop top, and boxing gloves performs a high kick

I’ve talked a lot about how to improve your documentation. But what if your doco doesn’t need changing? How do you know when your doco is already awesome? Here are five signs to look for.

1. People are recommending it

If your product is popular, there are probably a few threads on Reddit, Facebook groups, or forums asking how to manage certain tasks. Look for trackbacks and pingbacks on your website.

2. Your doco is getting a lot of visits

When I know that a product’s official documentation is great, I go to it first. I’ll generally have it bookmarked. When lots of people are visiting the doco on your website, it’s a sign that it’s being used.

3. Average visit length is over a minute

Quick visits usually indicate a customer not getting the answer they needed. If they hit a page and stay there for a while, though, that’s generally because they’re actually working through the steps. That’s good – it means your users are getting to the right place and finding the doco useful.

4. Happy faces

Binary feedback – happy/sad, thumb up/thumb down – are quick feedback options that a lot of users will take advantage of. Positive reactions means your doco is meeting a need.

5. Your support team is bored

OK, so this one’s a little hyperbolic. I’ve never met a bored customer support person. But if your number of support calls, emails, etc are decreasing and your user base isn’t, that means your users are finding good answers to their questions.


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